Ups And Downs In Online Casino History

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online casino history is a saga of struggles and hindrances that almost wiped it to extinction. Yet there were always remedies to keep it going. Here are the triumphs and defeats of online casino and gambling throughout its history beginning in the early 1990s.

The Caribbean is a memorable place for online casino history. It was the only place on the planet willing to provide refuge for Internet gambling during its dark ages in history. Specifically, Antigua and Barbuda cuddled online casino and gambling by passing a law legalizing them. Soon, companies in such business sought refuge in the Caribbean where they based their online casino businesses in.

All the above events were possible with a major breakthrough in online casinos with the advent of fascinating software. Called Microgaming, this software was birthed and licensed in the Isle of Man and really started the wave of online casinos on the Web. Microgaming provided everything to make casino and gaming fully operational on the Web.

In addition to all the aforesaid, another breakthrough came with the coming of online program protection software called Cryptologic. This software ensures thoroughly protected Internet-based deals, especially where gambling bets and winnings are concerned. This made possible the emergence of the first Internet casino in the middle of the 1990s.

But major setbacks also happened along the way, particularly with regards to how the law in other countries saw online casinos. True, online casinos found remedy in being licensed in the Caribbean, but other countries launched aggressive anti-gambling campaigns bringing the battle even in cyberspace. The US stepped up measures to contain online casino gambling, with Canada and England not following far behind. Recently, Washington State came up with a law against online casino gambling.

But a flicker of hope remains for online casino history in that some states are only particular about businesses that run online gambling, leaving much space to move about concerning gambling players themselves. Yet, an unprecedented move in Washington’s law is its banning even online casino information sites, not just gambling. Arizona State also has its anti online gambling campaign going steadily by coming up with anti-gambling promotions spearheaded by Senator Jon Kyl.

Finally, online casino history is one of being hunted down through the ages by laws and regulations that aim to curb or kill it altogether. But points of triumph through the breakthroughs that catapult it to prominence bring online casinos to the next level

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