Union Settles With Foxwoods Resort Casino Over Unfair Labor


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2,600 table game dealers can now be represented by the United Auto Workers Union. The decision to unionize has been a good one so far after a settlement has been reached with Foxwoods Resort Casino.

On Monday, a settlement was reached between the United Auto Workers Union and Foxwoods. The settlement came the day before a hearing on dozens of unfair labor practice charges was to take place.

In the agreement, Foxwoods has agreed to reinstate a dealer who was fired, and also agreed to pay back pay to the dealer. The casino has also agreed to put up employee rights notices at the casino.

The Auto union won the right to represent dealers back in November. That election is being challenged by Foxwoods. The union claimed that intimidation played a part in getting dealers to vote against unionizing.

In the meantime, the settlement on Monday avoids a hearing and any further legal action from taking place in this case. In addition to the other concessions the casino made, they will also rescind discipline action against some dealers.

It is these law situations that made it so important for the dealers to be represented. The Auto Workers Union is well equipped to deal with these legal labor issues, while the dealers were not.


Verizon Wireless Facing Suit For Illegal Gambling Text Message Service

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Verizon Wireless has grown into one of the largest mobile phone service operators. While there customer service is less than stellar, they now have bigger problems on the horizon.

The mobile phone provider is named in a lawsuit claiming that they promoted gambling to their subscribers through text messaging contests.

“At all times relevant during the liability period, the premium charge of $0.99 purchased nothing except a chance to win a prize. The games were not used as a sweepstakes to promote a product, but rather were illegal lotteries designed to generate revenues far in excess of the value of the cash reward,” said the lawsuit.

The games that are mentioned are contests in which “Sole Survivor”, and “Deal or No Deal”, are involved. While the suit is in the court system, Verizon claims they would not comment on the case. It is amazing that they even were available not to comment, being that their customer service is poor.

The odds of winning any of these contests are astronomical. In most cases, people are not even guessing the correct answers, which just leaves free money for Verizon.

“The chances of winning are infinitesimally less than the odds posed by the number of choices offered,” said the lawsuit.

Verizon was just one of the companies named in the suit. Them, and others were in the suit filed for the Central District of California.

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