UK Casino and Online Gambling TV Ads Begin Sept. 1st


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UK Casinos are preparing to market their products and services on TV for the first time since the Gambling Act 2005 passed. The new law includes provisions for both land-based casinos and online gambling sites. Both will have the opportunity to place TV commercials from September 1st and beyond. Industry insiders and financial analysts have been anxiously awaiting the new plans and much public discussion on this topic has already occurred.

The change in law is part of the Gambling Act 2005, which created an easing of current casino advertising laws. Despite the favorable new law, many casinos remain very quiet about their upcoming advertising strategies, refusing to comment on new publicity campaigns, etc.

The television ads will be subject to advertising restrictions created by the Advertising Standards Authority. Furthermore, casino marketers have openly discussed creating restrictions of their own, such as a 9pm watershed to reduce ads seen by children.

A Casino Gambling Web (CGW) representative attempted to contact several large operators on Sunday morning, however none were available for comment. Many have already made public statements concerning the issue. When asked about the new law, CGW’s Senior Editor Bob Hartman said, “The new law becomes a catalyst for network cable revenues as casinos will inject millions of dollars into the market right away. Much of the money will come from online providers.”

Hartman went on to say, “By the Rugby World Cup, advertising on television in the UK will be in full swing.”

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