UIGEA Regulation Hearing Finally Set After Months of Rumors


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The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was created and has many holes in its armor. Proposals have been on the table about regulations for the UIGEA.

Up until now, it had been rumored that those proposals would be taken seriously. With no hearings scheduled, people were left to wonder if the regulations would ever be discussed.

Now, those rumors can be put to rest. Representative Luis Gutierrez, the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Domestic and International Monetary Policy, Trade, and Technology, has announced that a hearing has been set regarding this issue.

The hearing will most likely include opinions they have gathered from various groups regarding the proposed regulations. Those include religious groups, banks, and citizens.

It is just speculation as to what exactly will be discussed at the meeting, because nobody was available to comment on precisely what would be discussed.

Just the fact that the hearing is now scheduled is a step in the right direction. For months, rumors have been swirling regarding possible regulations, but there has been no substance to those rumors. That has changed now that the hearing has been set.

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008 is the date of the hearing. The time will be 10:00 A.M.. Check back with CGW as we will have in depth coverage of this important issue as it relates to online gambling.

Slots Gambling Referendum Gaining Critical Support in Maryland


Maryland always had Pimlico Race Course. The legendary race track has drawn people from all over the world. Recently, however, it has gotten more difficult to draw patrons with the addition of live slots in surrounding states.

Governor Martin O’Malley saw the need to follow in those states’ footsteps and add slots to the draw in Maryland. The plan is now up in a referendum that would bring over 9,000 slots to the state.

Recently, the referendum gained the support of the Maryland Teachers Union, who voted in favor of backing the referendum. That was a much needed group to join the growing list of supporters for the slot legalization.

Now, county leaders are also lining up behind the referendum. The Maryland Association of Counties has come out and said, they too, will support the referendum.

“Local governments have a direct interest in the passage of the slots referendum this year,” said Jim Smith, a Baltimore County Executive.

Money will not be the only thing generated if the referendum is passed. It is expected that over 9,000 new jobs will be created in the horse racing industry. That means the economy in the state will naturally take a turn for the better.

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