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Arkansas Lt. Governor Looking To Lottery For Scholarship Funding

Whether it is innovative, or just copying an example from surrounding states, Lt. Governor Bill Halter believes the time has come for a state lottery in Arkansas. Money would be used to create college scholarships in the state.

In a trip to talk to at the meeting of the West Central Arkansas Planning and Development District Board of Directors, Halter spoke of how the state needs the lottery to continue on their way towards financial growth.

“Poll results say we can achieve a lottery scholarship program in Arkansas. To those who oppose the lottery, I respect your opinion and I respect your judgements, but with an issue such as this that is controversial and relates to the public, let’s put it to the people and let them vote,” said Halter.

Most states currently have lottery systems that are funding education. Halter estimates that at least $100 million could be generated for the scholarship fund, and that is on the low end.

His push for the lottery comes from figures that show that Arkansas is among the bottom states in the nation with adults that have a college degree. He is trying to change that statistic through raising money with the lottery proposal.

“This is about providing scholarship opportunities for Arkansas students and addressing the severe impediment of our state’s economic development,” said Halter.

People of Rhode Island Keeping Gambling Money at Home

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The Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun casinos in Connecticut have been taking people out of their home states for years. Gamblers would come from different areas to spend their money in the Connecticut casinos.

That trend is slowly changing. Bordering states now have casinos of their own. With casino expansion growing around the country, it is becoming easier for people to stay in their own states to gamble.

Rhode Island is one state that is an example of people not wanting to go far to spend their gambling dollars. A recent study by the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth has shown that for the first time, gamblers are not going to Connecticut to wager.

Newport Grand and Twin River are the two casinos that are reaping the benefits of keeping Rhode Islanders at home. The two casinos had about $271 million spent in them.

Around $261 million was spent at Foxwoods and the Mohegan Sun. If the estimations are correct, that means that about ten million more dollars was spent by citizens at casinos within their states.

That figure should only grow over the next few years. Revenue for the two casinos was estimated at $148 million. With more states moving towards legalizing casino gambling, it has become increasingly difficult for tourist destinations like the two in Connecticut to keep their numbers up.

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