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Arkansas Moving Delicately Into State Lottery Era

Arkansas Governor Bill Halter, has seen in other states the good that can come out of a state lottery system. Education is being funded in some of these other states through lottery revenue.

He is lobbying hard for his proposal to make it onto the November ballot. He does warn, however, that the proposal might need to be tweaked. It is the finished product that he believes will help with financial funding for college students.

“While there may be need for modification and improvement of the program as it goes forward, and you certainly want to learn from experience,..we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that this proposal, if passed by Arkansans, is going to dramatically increase the amount of financial assistance available to Arkansas families,” said Halter, in an interview with the Arkansas News Bureau.

People who are sceptical of Halter’s plan, point to the problems that are arising in Tennessee, who has a similar plan in place. The state is facing a surplus of $460 million.

The surplus has been created mostly be students who qualified for the scholarships, but then failed to keep the necessary grades to keep the scholarships. Such problems would have to be worked out by Legislature if voters approve hi proposal.

American Idol Competition Resumes With Live Show Tonight

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American Idol has eliminated many of the non popular singers, and starting with last week’s elimination, people are ready to be shocked from here on out.

The competition picks back up tonight in another live show. The elimination of Michael Johns last week, which came as a shock to some, let’s the remaining contestants know that America means business.

A few of the contestants tonight will be on the hot seat. Saisha Mercado has been flirting with being eliminated the past several weeks, and one more average performance might do her in.

Jason Castro has also been skating by as of late. He will have to step up to avoid being the next one out. Carly Smithson has also been shaky as of late. She needs a rebound performance in tonight’s live show.

Kristy Lee Cook has been improving each week, and one dynamite performance could go a long way towards her moving forward. Brooke white has been solid throughout, but may need to go out a little more on a limb to keep it fresh.

David Archuleta and David Cook will just be looking to not bomb. They are clear favorites to win, and need only to not be horrible to stay in the competition.

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