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Archbishop Voices Concern With Game Show Gambling In Philippines

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Poverty is something people of the Philippines are used to dealing with. Out of the poverty comes the need to gamble hoping for a quick fix. At least that is the opinion of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of The Philippines President Archbishop Angel Lagdameo.

“It has become part of the Filipino culture, the culture of gambling. It is a sign that Filipinos are poor. That people will resort to all sorts of things such as gambling just to get money,” said Lagdameo in an interview on the Catholic Church’s Radio Veritas 846 yesterday.

He also said that game show gambling is becoming increasingly popular. People are trying their luck on these game shows to become instant millionaires, which is leading to frivolous spending.

“Such games are what you call easy-to-get-rich, and, therefore, whoever wins the big prize gets this feeling that it is easy to earn money. And because he did not work hard for it, the tendency is to spend it unwisely,” he said.

He was not alone is his feelings towards gambling. Other Archbishop’s also agreed with his ideas on gambling. Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal believes that it is up to producers of these game shows to monitor themselves.

“Respect the religion sensitivity of the audience. There must be a respect for that,” he said. Vidal believes that the game shows should be more careful about how they market themselves to people in the Philippines.

New York State Keeping Inspectors At Illegal Seneca Casino

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New York State made a decision to keep their inspectors at a casino that was ruled to be illegal. The move comes after U.S. District Judge William Skretny ruled that a temporary casino that was being run by the Seneca Nation was being done so illegally.

The decision by New York to keep inspectors at the casino was not taken lightly by opponents of the casino. They feel that the state is ignoring the ruling of the judge.

“They’re furthering an illegal operation. It’s illegal for the state to aid and abet an illegal gambling operation, so if they are in there, they’d be aiding and abetting a criminal activity,” said Albany attorney, Cornelius Murray.

The inspectors were placed at the casino to ensure that the rules of a compact between the Seneca Nation and Albany are followed. The state does not want to make a move from the casino until they are sure that it will be shut down.

“Until we have some definitive action from the NIGC, the entity with oversight here, it would be unsafe to pull our gambling inspectors and public safety personnel from on operational casino,” said Risa Heller, a spokeswoman for Governor David A. Patterson.

The opposition group that won their battle in court is now pondering what their next move will be.

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