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Atlantic City Casinos Celebrate Past, Worry About Future

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Atlantic City began their endeavor into legalized casino gambling thirty years ago. This weekend, a celebration will be taking place in the gambling area to remember the past thirty years.

Many of the casinos that are in Atlantic City currently, were not even around when the state of New Jersey began the legalized gambling. Back then, they were building something that would eventually compete with Las Vegas for the gambling dollars of Americans.

While there is much to celebrate this weekend, there also is cause for concern. The city has seen many of their original casinos knocked down or go out of business. The one that have replaced them are under intense pressure to succeed.

The areas around Atlantic City have also changed, causing concern among casino owners. More states have made casino gambling legal. With every state on the East Coast that moves to legalized casino gambling, Atlantic City’s clientele gets smaller.

If that was not enough to hurt the casinos’ revenue, then the new smoking laws should definitely put a kink in the casinos’ armor. Casinos will no longer be allowed to offer smoking inside their establishments. The change could have devastating affects on the future of Atlantic City casinos.

While there are many negatives that surround this weekend, there also are many reasons for celebration. The city was a pioneer in the efforts to bring legalized casino gambling to the United States. There would be no gambling in Pennsylvania or California if not for Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

Thirty years is a long time, and casinos in Atlantic City are planning various ceremonies this weekend, hoping this is the beginning of another era, and not the end.

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