My Talking Angela – Back to your Childhood!

my talking

Ever dreamt of going back to your childhood days and playing all day long with your favourite kitten? Well, this game boasts of providing you a similar experience and that too without getting injured by its claw! Yeah, you heard that right! The game, though a feminine version of talking Tom – one of the famous games recently, is far more customizable and is full of tools and imagery to keep you engrossed.

The game has got several levels to play, stickers to collect and specific sections such as wardrobe and food to take care of Angela. I particularly liked the close-up make-up level where fine shades can be added to Angela’s face. These stuffs can prove helpful to develop a female child’s mind in a creative manner. She can consider Angela as her real sister (only a better version- as she will not snatch her candies) whom she can sleep with, talk all day long and even bathe. What more can a child ask for! Someone to play whenever they need to. So, all the parents who have a hectic schedule have one less thing worry. Thanks to this game.

my talking

Let me present some key learning that this game can provide to your daughter:

  1. She will learn to maintain a good hygiene as the game requires to keep Angela clean.
  2. She is likely to feed herself with Angela and so she won’t miss out on her meals.
  3. She will learn to look beautiful by seeing a ‘cute’ little Angela growing from a kitten to beautiful cat.
  4. She will learn new makeup tricks (already stated)

Moreover, you can also get the game for yourself to entertain between strict office hours if you are an office lady or to relieve from a boring afternoon. The game is all glamour and you will surely fall in love with the cutie in no time. Angela can come in handy at awkward moments and turn your foes to friends with a smile.

Let me share a real life experience I had with Talking Angela. I was dumbfounded by my boss during a party and then suddenly I used this out of the box thinking of introducing Angela with my boss and it worked. He let the matter forego and even installed the game in his phone. I was saved and so can be you.

The game is presently available at Google Play, Windows Store and Apple Store.  Go get it till it is free of charge!