Get Unlimited Resources with Subway Surfers Cheats !

subway surfers cheats

We are sure you must have heard of this amazing game, Subway Surfers! The main objective of this game is to stay alive as much as you can and outrun the policeman and his dog. Well, actually you cannot outrun them as this game is about endless running. Before you say it sounds boring- it’s simply not. As you run, numerous obstacles come in your way; trains, barricades or even moving trains, and believe us, these trains are very, very fast. So why is the policeman chasing you? The game begins with the default character and at the very beginning of the game the only playable character- Jake. Jake is a restless little hooligan who put spray on trains and by doing that, he breaks the law. At that moment, policeman catches him doing that and he is forced to run as long as he hit the obstacle or is hit by a train. Yes, you can get hit by a train pretty hard. It may sound difficult, but if you check out new Subway Surfers cheats (, it can by very easy for you to master this game.

subway surfers cheats

One or the other of the cheats will surely help you. There is a glitch called Invisi-Board and it will make the hoverboard invisible while you are surfing. This glitch possibly occurs when you try to do Back Forward Run glitch which we will explain later. You need to start playing and lose in a first few seconds then immediately select your mega headstart to activate it. You’ll see that you’ll fly back forward and when you land, activate your hoverboard right away and it should be invisible. Try it, it’s very, very simple. As we mentioned, Back Forward Run is a glitch which will make it possible to do the Invisi-Board glitch. Follow Subway Surfers Cheats to see how you can do it simple. It’s very funny glitch and it allows your character to actually run backwards! Weird? You need to get your Mystery Box or you can alternatively buy it. In the Mystery Box you need to get a Mega Headstart. Now it’s a little harder part- when you start playing, die in the first few seconds and just as you die quickly tap the Headstart and you will fly back forward. As you can see, it’s almost similar to Invisi-Board glitch, jut with the last additional step. In this game, power ups play big role and you’ll need them often. Our favorite power up is Jet Pack, because with it you can fly above the obstacles and still pick coins. It especially works well with the Coin Magnet so you can just watch Jake fly and not move at all.

This online tool we found will surely help you go a long way, just keep yourself updated. In this game, you can return the time and date on your device to get new characters unlocked. Simply go to settings and then date and time on your preferred device and for example turn the date to February 28, 2013 for Roberto and Kick-Off, March 1, 2013 for Egg Hunt plus Chicky Hoverboard and so on. As you can see, these Subway Surfers Cheats are not that complicated and will not take time and much effort from you. Our advice is to try these tips and cheats, also focus on building your power ups as they greatly improve your gaming experience. Coin Multiplier is also great power up and can multiply your pickups by double. It’s really just your choice how you play it, and if this is helpful, enjoy your game and be the best you can be.

My Talking Angela – Back to your Childhood!

my talking

Ever dreamt of going back to your childhood days and playing all day long with your favourite kitten? Well, this game boasts of providing you a similar experience and that too without getting injured by its claw! Yeah, you heard that right! The game, though a feminine version of talking Tom – one of the famous games recently, is far more customizable and is full of tools and imagery to keep you engrossed.

The game has got several levels to play, stickers to collect and specific sections such as wardrobe and food to take care of Angela. I particularly liked the close-up make-up level where fine shades can be added to Angela’s face. These stuffs can prove helpful to develop a female child’s mind in a creative manner. She can consider Angela as her real sister (only a better version- as she will not snatch her candies) whom she can sleep with, talk all day long and even bathe. What more can a child ask for! Someone to play whenever they need to. So, all the parents who have a hectic schedule have one less thing worry. Thanks to this game.

my talking

Let me present some key learning that this game can provide to your daughter:

  1. She will learn to maintain a good hygiene as the game requires to keep Angela clean.
  2. She is likely to feed herself with Angela and so she won’t miss out on her meals.
  3. She will learn to look beautiful by seeing a ‘cute’ little Angela growing from a kitten to beautiful cat.
  4. She will learn new makeup tricks (already stated)

Moreover, you can also get the game for yourself to entertain between strict office hours if you are an office lady or to relieve from a boring afternoon. The game is all glamour and you will surely fall in love with the cutie in no time. Angela can come in handy at awkward moments and turn your foes to friends with a smile.

Let me share a real life experience I had with Talking Angela. I was dumbfounded by my boss during a party and then suddenly I used this out of the box thinking of introducing Angela with my boss and it worked. He let the matter forego and even installed the game in his phone. I was saved and so can be you.

The game is presently available at Google Play, Windows Store and Apple Store.  Go get it till it is free of charge!